Weird shit, weird mood tonight

I need to start this by saying that I miss the days when this song was popular: 

I was watching my Craig Ferguson Late Late Show archives and Fiona was on it.  

I was working, work had connection issues, and they apparently have the same ISP as me, because after a few minutes of fuckin' around and finding out, I had my primary ISP drop like a prom dress.  Now on my backup, and work is still down, which means no work for the rest of the morning.  Kinda sad that I have better redundancy than they do, as I work from home, remotely.  

The coffee machine is on one.  That fucker better straighten up or it's getting replaced.  Ordered coffee but it will get here too late, before I run out.  Caffeination crisis.  No money for five more days, because ironically, I bought the coffee mentioned above, causing me to be broke until Tuesday.  Bad start to December.  No backup caffeine source at the moment.  

Got up and ate, had a second interview for a dayside contract for NTT Communications today, got the job offer, probably gonna take it.  Then I spent some time with the roommate, watched the news, ate, then got really low on energy.  I went to take a food coma nap, only to wake up an hour before my shift started, that I can no longer work.  Now I'm catching up with everything.  

FTP server is not letting me in.  This is odd.  I'll check into this later.  

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Not sure where to start on updates, a lot going on.  

Been spending a considerable amount of time and resources on — getting a weekly podcast in order and helping there as much as I can.  The end results can be found at — when we aren't just fuckin' around on the live stream(s). is now directly feeding to — it was a pain to keep the entities separate, now everyone gets the same feed. got some updates, it's still running smoothly, automation software is working like a champion, on an old i5-4570, Windows 11, 16 GB RAM. 

Interview for a potential new dayside contract.  I like money.  Plus, I'm saving to buy a classic Cadillac.  It's going to be awesome.  If you see a bucket of money laying around, let me know and I'll go by and pick it up.  

Night contract gig is going well at the moment, I think it'll end up being a long-term gig.  I need to make sure to calculate proper sleep between both contracts, and that's going to get tricky, my days are already filling up immensely.  

I'm seeing Mom this weekend, help her get some things done.  Sister has been busy with work and life and stuff too, I need to get her on the podcast and talk about VR and 3-D animation.  

Roommate is trying to find a second job, he's also sick of being broke.  We all are.  But the politicians say that everything is fine.  

Our great President at work.
Our great President at work.
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Sensory Overload

Does any one else think that this the reason that people are completely snapping and doing heinous and unspeakable things?

In the sense that the advertising and political propaganda paradigms have trained us to blindly consume everything they hand us, but not to stop and take a moment to actually mentally "digest" it? Kind of.

It's a specifically designed assault on the senses meant to elicit strong emotions and short-circuit logic.

Try grabbing a transcript of a sensational news report or a popular commercial and reading slowly it in the monotone voice of the teacher from Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Ben Stein?). Can you feel the difference? See any obvious, glaring holes or lack of substance in anything you just read?

The "heinous and unspeakable things" would be curtailed a tad if we, culturally, focused more on "how does this make me feel and WHY does it make me feel that way?" instead of just moving from one firehouse of feelings-causing-content to another with no break in between.

The people doing these things are often in such a state that they see NO OTHER WAY because their emotions are wound so tight.

The same tactics designed to keep us talking about litter boxes in schools, birth certificates, hoodies in government, and tan suits instead of politicians continually voting against the surveyed public's expressed interests has an exponential effect on people who are already in a bad place and don't have any kind of regular reality check, support network, or healthy emotional outlet.

Some people trip and fall down the QAnon rabbit hole because that's what speaks to their unmet needs.

Some people open fire on innocents and then kill themselves.

This is "mother drowns infant children" writ large.

Being overwhelmed, feeling alone, and being under constant stress, whether manufactured or naturally existing ruins people's ability to function as human beings.

Take your worst, most stressful work/school/parenting day, then string 900 or so of those back-to-back with no respite. How would you feel? It's hard to think straight after one of those. Now add a firehose of feelings-causing content into your brain.

While it's statistically unlikely everyone who does that is going to go on a gun-powered rampage, there is a high enough percentage of people who are FED THAT OPTION as a "people will remember you forever" choice or an "it's the only way to stop this pain" choice that a tinier few actually take up the option, and that tinier few leads to a much higher percentage of heinous and unspeakable things than we would otherwise be seeing if we:

1. ⁠Fact checked news. (opinion pieces in clearly labelled opinion areas only)
2. ⁠Curtailed the advertising onslaught.
3. ⁠Ensured everyone had food security, shelter security, medical security, and, psychological security. (as in they could rely on the fact that no matter what happened, they could still at least exist in relative comfort, if not live lavishly, and be treated like a human being, equal in intrinsic worth to all other human beings.)

Some of the people who run portions of advertising and "news" desperately want their own little social-engineering version of G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate, the Ludovico Technique, the Penfield Mood Organ, or what-have-you that will lean us all heavily towards whatever type of consumer or wage slave they want us to be.

Studies that say things like "we've discovered that if you don't give people enough time to stop and think, they're more likely to go with the last suggestion or order they heard" get turned into how-to manuals for making more money instead of serving as glaring warnings on how we all need down time and snap decisions are bad.

Knowledge is dangerous in the wrong hands and psychology plays HEAVILY into pushing products on people (consumerism) or turning people into products (tracking data).

Individual level fallout is inevitable when messing with people's minds on a grand scale.

New September schedule

Trying a new schedule between contracts.  Just bumped everything back an hour; instead of waking up at 4pm or later, waking up at 3pm, going to bed at 7am.  It doesn't seem like a big change, but it is, allows me an additional hour to do things that require daywalker hours.  I will adjust this as conditions change.  

Woke up to the source for my livestream ( ) frozen.  It wasn't locked up, just frozen, refreshing the page fixed the issue, but strange.  

Gaming stream ( ) is working better now.  It's not as laggy as it was 24 hours ago.  Never, ever, ever, stream with OBS settings right out of the box.  

Busy evening ahead.  Filing unemployment, food stamps, and a one way video interview for work.  

My buddy Matt's power is out.  Reminded me that I need to invest into a backup power generator.  

I need my third mesh router, gaming stream is suffering quality without it.  

But first I need to work.  Get job, pay bills, get things.  There's gotta be a better way to live life.  

Wake me up in a month

That time of year again, time to post what I post every year.  Still an amazing song, and as hard as it is to watch, an amazing video.  

See everyone in a month.  

Rant mood

If you don't know what you are talking about when it comes to weather, especially when it comes to hurricane weather, take a step back, humble yourself, and learn something.  I had a real narcissistic bitch try to predict what's happening in Florida.  She said the storm will be a category 1 hurricane at landfall, at 965 mb, in Tampa.  When I corrected her, before it happened, to likely a weak category four, but certainly at least a three, with pressure at a high 930-some mb pressure by landfall, which will be near Perry, NOT Tampa, NOT a category one, NOT with the eyewall closed, NOT getting weaker.  Turns out that experience can make a difference in a thing like this.  You'll see that from this timestamp, that none of these things have happened yet, but will.  Cedar Creek will be the most affected by storm surge, but not the hurricane directly.  She was 100% wrong, I will be 100% correct.  What I was trying to turn into a TEACHING and educational moment, she tried to turn into a "who has the biggest cock" contest, which when I happen to know what the fuck I am talking about, you probably shouldn't do.  God dammit, people are fucking ignorant more and more in this world.  I tried to have, and gave respect to this person, because she's older, but when she didn't listen, and was proven wrong over and over and over again, she got butthurt, took her lack of prediction tools, and went home.  

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Debates 08/23/2023

Let the games begin.
Let the games begin.

Tonight I put the debates up on the live stream for people that are cord cutters that cannot see it.  Because I feel something like that should be able to be viewed by anyone that wants to see it, for free.  I'll be doing the same for the other side when and if they have one.  I have no dog in this fight, as everyone that is running sucks ass.  As did the debates.  But I'm a communications guy, I'm gonna get the data out there to see it if they want it.  Kinda like how TV news used to be before they cared more about money than they did getting the information out.  

Roommate is too nice, helped a person he hardly knows out, and it's gonna bite him in the ass later.  Purchased some additional cameras to compensate.  

Still no word on the new project at my existing job.  I'm glad I'm looking elsewhere, current employer cannot get their shit straight.  Frustrating for many parties, but I'm doing my best to stay ahead of it.  I'll share more once I know more.  

Water cooled CPU is chillin' at 42°C.  That's with it rendering and pumping out as well as — it's still not having to work that hard.  average CPU usage seems to be around 28%.  

Enough rambling for today.  

August 17th

Weird dreams.  Need to come off that particular strain.  

Okay, so, I have a few interviews next week, looking forward to it, not looking forward to the times they are.  Daywalkers.  

In the meantime, they do indeed have another position for me where I am, last day is the 13th, new project on the 18th, so keeping the bills paid should continue to be a thing.  I'll detail this project when and if it happens.  

This Hawaii/Maui thing, is strange.  This should have easily been controlled, emergency management dropped the ball.  Cause is "still under investigation".  They should know by now.  

Marion Record is getting their equipment back.  I hope they make their next office out of gold bricks from the lawsuit.  

New house came in across the street.  Just for kicks, checked it out, $87k for that shitbox.  Unreal how much the prices are going up.  Which is fine, adds value to mine.  

Watch for the email address domain names on a hiring process.  They are getting slick about trying to impersonate real people.  

I forgot how damn cute Kelly Packard was in Baywatch.  

She was very underrated.
She was very underrated.

This should be national news, but isn't, yet.  Maybe the news guys will catch up eventually: 

Been working on the media server a lot and getting it up to par, I need to check into my partner Plex servers and see what all they have going on.  

Posting early cuz I need to work on this PC's maintenance.  Have a good one everybody.  


I have.  Like no energy today.  After what I thought was "sleeping well".  Oi.  

I don't      like it.  

Yesterday I did a four hour long zoom call on training for a device that I will never be supporting because we are being taken off of this project and moved to another one.  So why put training hours into me?  This position is being taken over by Costa Rica from what I am hearing.  

I moved my routers and modem up above me so I can see them at a glance.  No point in having a kickass mesh router system with a nice screen if it's buried somewhere. 

Looks nice.
Looks nice.
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August 9th

Fun and fuckery.  w00t.  

Have good energy going into my shift.  So far all is going well. 

Severe is breaking out in NW Kansas, covering it on the live stream.  

Main ISP just shit the bed, backup kicked in without a hiccup.  I love it when a good redundancy plan comes together.  Set reminder to call them up at 0800 when they open and get a credit for the downtime.  

This is not a good look on you, Cox.
This is not a good look on you, Cox.

New radar product I am using I am starting to love.  Much better than RadarScope.  For PCs and Windows products, Omega is where it's at.  When it comes to mobile devices, RadarScope is still leading.  I'll continue to use both for now.  

My buddy got hammered by a FB bot for saying the word bitch in a post.  That's just hilarious.  

Marco's Pizza now has kick ass garlic parmesan chicken wings.  

Cox is back up and running.  Seamless handoffs both directions.  Impressive.  

Severe weather now in south central Kansas, live coverage mode engaged.  Still impressed with this i9.  

I need to find a way to automate the live stream more.  It's needing a lot of attention that I cannot always give it.  

Pretty sure lightning struck the front yard, it was VERY close.  

New problem.  Tech bench PC monitor is down after that lightning hit.  It's still sending data though.  Reseating the DisplayPort side of the DP to VGA cable fixed the issue, thunder was loud enough to loosen said cable.  Freaky.  

RIP Cha Cha Slide dude DJ Casper.  One of the more annoying songs ever made.

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