Mom and Mike Rowe

My mother is a wonderful human being, and wise beyond her years.  We haven't always gotten along great, but I appreciate her input, always, and once in a great while she has something that is so important, that I feel the need to share it with you all.  This is one of those things:

If you're struggling financially, watch this video, and recalibrate.  I'm about to make some radical adjustments in this general direction.

The world changes over the years.  Adapt and overcome these changes or drown trying to survive.  

Small update

More interviews and job interest this week.  Trying to keep my dwindling energy up.    Sleep is erratic.  Stress continues.  


I'm so absolutely frustrated with my current financial situation, and unsure what to do.  I'm stressed, exhausted, depressed, and losing sleep because of this.  

My overnight job was reduced to part time hours after the super bowl.  But at least I was working five and six days a week.  That has now been reduced to two 3-hour shifts a week.  I must get something else at this point, I cannot survive on this.  There's plenty of local work available but working outside of the house is a no go for me at the moment, because I have no wheels, and no way to pay for Lyft/Uber to even attend work.  I'm frantically searching for additional remote work, but it seems people are currently hiring less and less of that.  A definite uphill battle.  

I sold my phone, but I can still receive calls via home internet.  The money from that got me to survive until this week.  I'm selling both of my laptops, but who knows how long that will take to sell.  I'm hoping it'll be quick enough.  I predict it'll be too little too late, and things will start shutting down.  I guess we'll see.  It certainly doesn't help that my roommate's hours at work have been reduced as well.  

Anyways, if you can help, it would greatly be appreciated.  I hate, hate, HATE asking for help, but I'm also at the age to know when to call it, and that time is now.  

The Golden Age Arcade Historian — Mirrored

A Literary" History of the Golden Age of Video Games - Golden Age Video Game Books Part 3

Not all the video game "humor" books of the 1980s were aimed at kids and teens. And not all were pro-video games. Two were aimed at adult audiences and poked fun at the video game craze. First up is The Official I Hate Video Games Handbook by Emily Prager with art by Frank Morris, published by Pocketbooks in 1982.

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I was going through old Open House Party recordings, heard a Cinnaburst commercial.  I used to buy that stuff all the time.  

We lost some good stuff in the nineties.  I still say 1999 was the peak of humanity.  

Regarding current politics and the enshittification of the world: 

If a mob boss says someone is going to go sleep with the fishes, I’m not going to get into an argument about whether that person has a big aquarium in his bedroom. Because he’s a mob boss and I’m not a chump and murdering people is what he does.


Life sucks.  Then you die.  

Finances didn't work out as promised nor planned.  I'm thinking about shutting everything down and selling it all off.  

That's it.  That's the blog.  

Cheap Storage

You can’t have cheap data storage if you don’t have dirt cheap raw materials. You can’t have cheap data storage if you don’t have dirt cheap land, electricity, and water. You can’t have cheap data storage if you don’t have small, cheap, disposable sub-contracted workforces.  

This stuff you get for cheap, this stuff you get for free, it comes at a huge cost to the environment and to poor workers.

We don't care, do we, though?